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Camps & Skills Clinics


  • May 13
    King Salmon Fishing 101 (Forum)
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  • June 10
    Intro to Dipnetting (Forum)
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  • July 8
    Sockeye Salmon Fishing 101 (Forum)
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  • August 21
    Coho Salmon Fishing 101 (Forum)
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  • November 4
    Virtual Presentation: Wildlife Safety in Petersburg
    7-8 pm. Wildlife Education Specialist Abby McAllister and Petersburg Area Biologist Frank Robbins present on best practices for living and recreating among bears in Southeast Alaska. This hour-long presentation covers how to react in the event of a bear encounter for a positive outcome, as well as tips and recommendations for keeping bears wild and neighborhoods safe. Free and open to the public. Register here.
  • November 4
    Wildlife Wednesdays: McNeil River Bears with Beth Rosenberg
    7-8pm. Online.Join McNeil River State Game Sanctuary Assistant Manager Beth Rosenberg to discover everything you wanted to know and more about the McNeil State Game Sanctuary Bear population! Register here.
  • November 17
    Tour of Alaska Wildlife Curriculum Guides
    Take a tour of the Alaska Wildlife Curriculum Guides in this fun and active 5 part series. This professional development opportunity, taught by all of the ADF&G Wildlife Educators, will demonstrate the staff tips and tricks to get students outside to learn featuring a different Guide each month. Teachers can take this course for salary advancement credit. You won't sit endlessly in front of a monitor to learn about the many resources ADF&G staff have to offer AND you'll probably have fun in the outdoors yourself! -Edge your way into Ecology! -Find out about Alaska's Forests! - Tread lightly on the Tundra! - Figure out Wildlife for the Future! -and Wade into Wetlands! Meeting dates via Zoom: Nov 17 4:30-6:30, Dec 15 4:30-6, Jan 12 4:30-6, Feb 16 4:30-6, Mar 16 4:30-6, Final project April 15, 2021. Register at: Registration ends: November 13, 2020. Contact:
  • November 19
    Sharing Juneau's Trails
    Thursday, Nov. 19, 6-7 pm. Learn how trail-users and trappers can co-exist by learning what to look for on local trails. Juneau Area Biologist Roy Churchwell will present on local trapping regulations, tips for trail-users, how to keep pets out of trap sets, and more. Join the presentation here.
  • December 2
    Wildlife Wednesdays: Winter Birding with Marian Snively
    7-8pm. Marian Snively of ADF&G shares tips and tricks for identifying and enjoying the hearty birds who stick around South Central AK through the winter. View Event Recording Here.