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Lower Cook Inlet Finfish: December 10-13, 2019
*New public testimony sign-up deadline is 9am, Wednesday, Dec. 11*

Comment due date: Nov. 25, 2019
Location: Seward – AVTEC Student Services Center *(Note venue change updated Oct. 30, 2019) - 519 4th Ave., Seward
Training opportunity: Tuesday, Dec. 10 (first meeting day), ~12:10pm. Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process (PDF 3,395 kB) at noon prior to the meeting start in the main meeting area. The training will last approximately one hour. All are welcome. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

While the Board is in session, you may stream live audio from the Board of Fisheries home page.

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

CFEC Permit Holdings and Estimates of Gross Earnings in the Cook Inlet Commercial Salmon Fisheries, 1975-2018 (PDF 991 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 133 kB)

Department of Law Memo (PDF 139 kB)

Meeting Proposals

Lower Cook Inlet Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Lower Cook Inlet Finfish | Hide Category Lower Cook Inlet Finfish

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

RCs 1-4 are documents from ADF&G and are listed above

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 95 kB) Fairbanks Advisory Committee Comments
RC006 (PDF 476 kB) Kachemak Bay Conservation Society Enhancement
RC007 (PDF 1,079 kB) Southeast Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council Shrimp
RC008 (PDF 217 kB) ADFG Proposal 241 Substitute language
RC009 (PDF 687 kB) UCIDA Comments Proposal 37
RC010 (PDF 49 kB) UCIDA Salmon Migration Timing Kodiak Area
RC011 (PDF 42 kB) UCIDA Kodiak Area Commercial Fishing Days
RC012 (PDF 512 kB) Al Poindexter Proposal 21 Comments
RC013 (PDF 410 kB) Seldovia Village Tribe Proposal 20
RC014 (PDF 401 kB) Seldovia Village Tribe Proposal 18
RC015 (PDF 68 kB) OSM LCI Comments
RC016 (PDF 422 kB) ADFG RC2 Ommitted Tables
RC017 (PDF 622 kB) Homer Spit Properties LLC Proposal 6 Comments
RC018 (PDF 1,632 kB) Homer Spit Properties LLC Proposal 6 Comment Photos
RC019 (PDF 195 kB) Andrew Wilder Proposal 278 Comments
RC020 (PDF 25 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 2
RC021 (PDF 85 kB) ADFG Public Testimony Log
RC022 (PDF 75 kB) Ron Kavanaugh Support ACR 7
RC023 (PDF 48 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 5

Meeting Audio

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