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Area Sport Fishing Reports

September 10, 2020

* Just a reminder to all our anglers, please do your part to help slow the spread of Covid-19 by following and reviewing the current State of Alaska Health Mandates in effect. This includes practicing social distancing while sport and personal use fishing and wearing a face covering when fishing and if you are needing fishing supplies from your local store as indicated in Health Alert 010.


Silver Salmon

Silver fishing is excellent on the Situk River. Large numbers of silvers are in the river and out in the estuary. Anglers have had the best success floating the river due to the higher water levels. The water conditions are excellent right now for boat anglers but a little tough for shore anglers. Pitching spinners or spoon into a deep hole or along the shore continues to be the preferred method of choice. Still, what makes silver fishing the best is all the different ways you can get them to strike. Try drifting a jig or worm under a float along a cut-bank or swing a brightly colored streamer fly through a deep run to shake things up. Please remember to take off your treble hooks while fishing the Situk River!

Other freshwaters in the Yakutat management area like Lost River/Tawah Creek, Arhnklin River, Akwe River, and Tsiu River are fishing excellent based on angler reports and aerial surveys.

Pink Salmon

Pink salmon fishing is winding down. Most fish have turned in the river as they spawn or prepare to. The best angling for pinks is occurring above tidal influence. Use anything to catch these fish.


Silver Salmon

Sport fishing for silver salmon in marine waters is excellent right now. Silvers are being caught primarily out in front of Khantaak Island and near The Pinnacles. An effective method is mooching red/green label herring from a drifting or anchored vessel. Try locating bait balls or jumping salmon and drop your gear and retrieve. Trolling is also a good method for covering larger areas.

King Salmon

Sport fishing success in marine waters has dropped significantly for king salmon over the last couple of weeks. Fishing should continue to decline through fall/winter.


The halibut fishing continues to be tough over the last few weeks with catch rates still declining. Annoying spiny dogfish and competing fisheries have decreased catch rates near Yakutat Bay. Anglers are dispersing throughout Yakutat Bay to avoid the dogfish and finding some halibut in non-traditional spots. Soaking salted herring, octopus or pink salmon works the best.


Lingcod fishing is excellent. Anglers are coming back with limits over the last couple weeks. Try using rubber tube jigs over pinnacles or large rocky structure.


Fishing for pelagic rockfish is excellent. Lots of rockfish have been caught over pinnacles and reefs during the last week. Try using small metal jigs or mooching herring.

For further information, please contact the Yakutat Area Sport Fish management biologist: Jason Pawluk at (907) 784-3222.


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